Welcome to Bee Space

This blog is created to share insights, ideas, and instruction for those who are as passionate about quilting and sewing as we are at Granny B’s. This is where you will hear stories of past and present, as well as tips for making quilting even better than before!




So, Why Bee Space?

I love words. Ask my husband! Thinking about what to name a blog is a serious thing, no kidding. I wanted a title that expressed something about Granny B’s Quilt Shop, the amazingness of quilting, and the many gifts that quilting gives us. Through this process came the phrase, “Bee Space”.


First thought is probably, yes, our favorite space for quilting, Granny B’s (aka bees) is the inspiration.¬†Possibly, but there is more to it.

Actually, Bee Space, is a term in beekeeping. Honey bees are absolutely the most amazing organizers and workers, cooperating and working in complete harmony in an environment made to help everyone work together at their best. Within the hive there are spaces that are created for certain bees of different sizes to move about unencumbered by secretions or comb.

bee space

This creates an environment conducive to their harmony and accomplishment. These spaces are actually called “bee spaces”.

I think of those spaces as safe, comfortable but still challenging places. Kind of like flow or being in the zone. Therefore, quilting is one of those spaces for many of us. A place of safety and creativity and comfort and challenge, where we “fit”.

There you have it. Bee Space: That honey of a place between accomplishment and joy.